The administrators of Westbury Christian School thank our families for their patience in the past week as we have attempted to assess the situation amongst our school family and make the wisest decisions concerning when it would be safe to return to school. We understand that many of you remained safe and dry during our region’s recent “attack” from Harvey. We are so thankful for that. But we also know some of you did experience flood damage and/or were inconvenienced because of mandatory evacuation orders, and our prayers continue to go out to you and your families.

It appears that we should be in a position to resume school next week, as originally announced, but we will push the students’ return back by one day to Wednesday, Sept. 6. This will allow our faculty/staff to come together on Tuesday, Sept. 5, for a “work day” on campus to ensure we are well prepared to welcome our students back.

We understand some of you may not be back in your homes by Tuesday — due to damage, continued evacuation orders, etc. — and we are sensitive to your unique situation. If you do not feel like it would be safe — or even possible — for you to bring your student to campus on Wednesday, Sept. 6, we understand. If possible, could you please email your student’s principal to let us know your student will not be returning immediately. It would be helpful — but is not required — for us to know in advance how many students may be absent, at least for the first few school days.

We also know some families with flood damage may no longer have clean uniform clothing for your student(s), so please see the P.S. below from Lisa Berglund in the Wildcat Store concerning an option to outfit your student with free, gently used uniform pieces, perhaps even prior to the start of school on Wednesday.

If your student had any school-owned technology or materials (textbooks, etc.) damaged or destroyed during the storm, please send those items with your student on Wednesday, or, if they have already been thrown out, make sure your student is prepared to give an accounting for what was lost. We need to start formulating a plan for repairing/replacing whatever our students will need to make their learning most effective.

We are a long way from getting back to “normal,” but we are looking forward to having all of our school community back as a family so we can begin moving forward again together.

P.S. (from Lisa Berglund in the Wildcat Store)

The Wildcat Store can make available at no charge to families with flood damage who need them the following gently used (some pieces have never been worn!) school uniform items, listed in order of best availability:

  • Polos – Youth (boys and girls), Adult (men and ladies) – all sizes/colors
  • Oxfords – Youth & Adult – sizes/quantities vary
  • Plaid Jumpers & Peter Pan Blouses (Lower School girls) – sizes/quantities vary
  • Khaki Bottoms (Middle & High School) – Adult skirts, shorts and pants – sizes/quantities vary
  • Navy Bottoms (Lower School) – Youth skirts, shorts and pants – sizes/quantities vary
  • Jackets/Sweaters/Fleece – Youth & Adult – sizes/quantities vary
  • PE Tees/Shorts – Youth & Adult

We believe we have enough to offer everyone in need at least one or two pieces, and, in some cases, we may be able to provide almost a full week’s supply of dress code-compliant clothing.

If you would like to have your student’s replacement uniform pieces before school resumes on Wednesday, Sept. 6, Mrs. Berglund is available on the following dates/times:

  • Saturday, Sept. 2 — 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, Sept. 3 & Monday, Sept. 4 — By appointment only
  • Tuesday, Sept. 5 —  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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