History of WCS

Plans for the establishment of Westbury Christian School began in the early 70’s with some families of the Westbury Church of Christ. WCS started as a “Mother’s Day Out” activity of the church. Soon, demand required that a licensed day care center be started. Following close behind the successful pre-school program was demand for adding elementary grades, middle school, and finally the high school.

WCS was formally chartered in February of 1975 with visionary support from the Westbury Church of Christ elders. Although staffed by members of the churches of Christ, the school is independently operated by a Board of Trustees. The Westbury congregation has donated the use of their facilities to the school since the beginning, but does not contribute funds for operations.

The church and the school continue to work together sharing facilities, successes and common goals that include glorifying God through service to mankind, because of our hope in the Savior.

WCS receives no financial assistance from any interest group or government body. Income is realized from tuition and fees, plus special fund raisers. Associated groups like the Athletic Association, the Friends of the Arts and others encourage volunteer participation and raise funds to enhance the school’s three-dimensional educational and extracurricular program.

In 1988, Westbury Christian School received accreditation from two prestigious accrediting agencies; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the National Christian Schools Association (NCSA).

Due to the integrity of these two agencies, WCS credits are acceptable at any accredited educational institution in the United States, and graduates attend the finest colleges and universities.

The goal at Westbury Christian School is to nurture and develop the whole child, academically, spiritually and socially. We believe that in order for students to thrive, all three of these dimensions and a supportive environment, both at school and at home, are required. To that end, we desire to develop a partnering relationship with parents in an effort to mentor students into the young men and women God created them to be. WCS strives to provide academic excellence and promote spiritual and social development at an affordable price for today’s families.

The school is committed to continuing to improve in the three areas of its emphasis; spiritual, academic, and student activities. God has blessed the school with an experienced and credentialed faculty and administration and many fine families. These blessings have given us a united spirit and dedication which binds us together, promoting the good of Westbury Christian School.

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