Middle School : Grades 5-8

Annette Turner

Annette Turner

Middle School Principal

WCS offers a three-dimensional educational program for its students. It consists of an Academic Development Program, a Spiritual Development Program, and a Student Activity Program. Each one of these three dimensions receives equal attention in application in our two Middle School departments: Intermediate (5th & 6th) and Middle School (7th & 8th). Students receive instruction through varied experiences and utilize planned and proven methods to elevate them to a greater level of education — spiritually, formally, and practically.

Intermediate Department: Grades 5 & 6

Academic Dimension

At the intermediate level, classes are taught in forty-five minute blocks of uninterrupted time by teachers who are able to “specialize” in an academic discipline. During these transition years, students rotate from class to class under the supervision and guidance of their teachers.

Reading/Language Arts classes consist of reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, listening and other skills taught through the use of Literacy Place curriculum. Students also read novels as a part of unit studies. Daily, independent home reading is required of students and is monitored by the Accelerated Reader program. Grammar and punctuation skills are fundamentals in this class as students use them to work through the writing process to produce and publish reports, essays and poetry.

Mathematics begins with a review of the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and takes students through introduction to algebraic reasoning. The challenging curriculum helps students develop higher-level thinking skills.

Science classes explore the wonders of God’s creation in topics from life, earth and physical sciences with Pearson’s “Interactive Science” curriculum. A hands-on approach is used to teach students the scientific method. Students learn to observe, predict and draw conclusions about the world around them.

Social Studies is incorporated into other areas of study, but also stands alone as a class that takes fifth grade students through the exploration of North America to twenty-first century life in the United States. Sixth grade students study the development of cultures around the world through a Christian perspective.

Activity Dimension

Co-curricular activities offered each week include physical education, Spanish and art. Band and choral instruction are a part of students’ daily schedules. Students participate in two programs each year: a music program and a physical education program. “Westbury Songsters” is a special choral group for students who are interested in the performing arts.

Students also receive instruction in computer and library skills. In addition to computer instruction, technology is integrated into teaching the core subjects. The AlphaSmart program offers a unique and fun way to learn computer keyboarding. The library is available to students several times per week both as a class activity and for students to check out books. Also, one class period of library skills instruction is provided on a regular basis.

Spiritual Dimension

Fifth Grade Bible curriculum examines New Testament books from I Timothy to Revelation. Students learn Christian qualities and character traits through scripture that they can apply to their lives.

Sixth Grade curriculum is an overview of Bible history with a focus on prominent individuals, places and events from Genesis to Revelation.

All Bible classes emphasize individual and group memory work.

Chapel is a special time where teachers and students alike join in prayer and singing, praising God for loving us.

Middle School Department: Grades 7 & 8

Academic Dimension

Degreed, certified Christian teachers stimulate intellectual curiosity among students through an accredited academic program that prepares them for high school. WCS students are provided opportunities for the development of clear, logical and effective communication skills.

All elements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are incorporated into the curriculum. This insures that students are prepared to successfully continue their education in any public or private institution.

  • All courses of study are college preparatory.
  • Students may choose from a variety of electives.
  • Students must complete one credit of Bible per year.
  • All subjects are taught from the Biblical perspective.


Activity Dimension

Students participate in areas listed below. WCS students compete in athletics in the Greater Houston Area Conference (GHAC).

Band Chorus Drama National Junior Honor Society Middle School Student Council
Cheerleading Football (8th Grade) WCS Sponsored Clubs Soccer Volleyball
Basketball Baseball Softball Track


Spiritual Dimension

Chapel assemblies, devotionals, class prayers and daily Bible classes are the standard at WCS. Students learn Biblical teachings and Christian principles. Teachers encourage students to develop Christian leadership skills for use in their homes, communities and churches. The Spiritual Life Leader leads chapel, retreats, prayer circles and small group activities. The campus Chaplain ministers to WCS families who are in need of spiritual support offering family counseling and seminars.

Courses Offered

Grade 7: Courses Offered

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Texas History
  • Science 7
  • Bible
  • Computer 7
  • Writing

Electives (Must Choose 2)

  • Drama
  • Chorus
  • Art
  • Band
  • P.E.
  • Athletics

Grade 8: Courses Offered

  • Language Arts
  • American History
  • Pre-Algebra/Algebra I*
  • Science 8/IPC
    (Integrated Physics and Chemistry)*
  • Bible

Electives (Must Choose 3)

  • Drama
  • Chorus
  • Art
  • Band
  • P.E.
  • Athletics
  • Spanish I*
  • MS Engineering

*With Special Permission – Note: Courses may vary by year


Class Size

WCS believes in providing as much individualized attention as possible and in-class structure to optimize learning. Small classes enhance each student’s ability to succeed. Average class size is 20-24 per class.

Points of Interest

  • Tutorial sessions are available to students.
  • Every year Duke University identifies quality students from WCS in the annual Talent Identification Program. 7th grade students qualify based on nationally standardized test scores. These students are invited to take the SAT I or ACT Assessment college entrance examinations.


Student Safety

  •  WCS operates a closed campus. All visitors, including parents, must sign-in and be identified.
  • All entrance doors except the main entrance are locked during school hours. Classroom doors are locked after class begins.
  • All classrooms have a two-way speaker system allowing teachers to communicate directly and immediately with the office.
  • A predetermined plan has been developed for fire, weather and emergency evacuation.
  • A staffed clinic is available to the students.
Middle School Summer Reading

Each student entering grades 6-8 will be asked to read at least two books:

1) A spiritual enrichment text for “All” middle schoolers will serve as an anchor text for chapels and Bible Classes
2) One grade level-assigned text

The literary selections will be used heavily in the first weeks of school, and students will be writing essays in response to their grade-specific text upon their return from summer break. Reading should be completed before the first day of school, and students will need to bring their assigned books with them to class.


All:  You Were Made to Make a Difference (978-1400316007)    Max Lucado

8th: Lord of the Flies (978-0399501487)                                      William Golding

7th: Watership Down (978-0743277709)                                      Richard Adams

6th: Enchanted Air (978-1481435239)                                          Margarita Engle

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