Summer Reading 2017

Each student entering grades 6-12 will be asked to read at least two books, as detailed in relevant drop-down sections below:

  1. A spiritual enrichment text — one for middle school, another for high school — that will serve as an anchor text for chapels and Bible Classes
  2. At least one grade level and/or course-assigned text

The literary selections will be used heavily in the first weeks of school, and students will be writing essays in response to their grade-specific text upon their return from summer break. Reading should be completed before the first day of school, and students will need to bring their assigned books with them to class.

*NOTE: Each student needs to purchase his/her assigned titles (ISBN numbers provided in parentheses).


High School (9th-12th)

All (9th-12th): Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations (978-1601428295)Alex Harris

AP Language: Click for detailed instructions and assigned titles.

AP Literature: Click for detailed instructions and assigned titles.

12th: Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel (978-0451530967), Anonymous; Grendel (978-0679723110), John Gardner

11th: Separate Peace (978-0743253970), John Knowles

10th: Wuthering Heights (978-0141439556), Emily Brontë

9th: Animal Farm (9780451526342), George Orwell

ESL ENG I: The Invention of Hugo Cabret (978-0439813785), Brian Selzrick

Middle School (5th-8th)

All (6th-8th): You Were Made to Make a Difference (978-1400316007), Max Lucado

8th: Lord of the Flies (978-0399501487), William Golding

7th: Watership Down (978-0743277709), Richard Adams

6th: Enchanted Air (978-1481435239), Margarita Engle

5th: Students are encouraged to participate in the Scarbrough Library’s optional Summer Reading Program.

Lower School (K3-4th)

For information on the Scarborough Library’s optional Lower School Summer Reading program for students entering K3-4th grade, visit

Summer Math 2017

High School (Algebra I and beyond)

All students who have completed Algebra I and beyond should complete the Summer ALEKS Math Program using the ALEKS textbook resource. If you forget the username and password your 2016-2017 teacher gave you before the end of school, or if are a new student to WCS, please email for assistance.

When you log in, click on the colorful pie to open the ALEKS program in a new window. ALEKS will ask you to complete about 30 problems for a beginning assessment. If you cannot complete this assessment in one sitting, you can save your work, and ALEKS will start where you left off the next time you log in.

After you complete the assessment the ALEKS program will present you with an Objective Pie designed by your math teacher. You can click any objective in the pie to complete the related assignments. You have all summer to master all the pie’s objectives, but if you wait too long between log-ins to work on the pie, ALEKS may ask you to complete a 30-question assessment again. Also note that occasionally ALEKS will give you a 10-20 problem check-up assessment to see how you are mastering the objective.

We highly recommend that you complete the Summer ALEKS Math Program before the 2017-2018 school year starts, so that you can be sure you are ready. Your 2017-2018 math teacher will receive on Friday, August 11, a report on the time that you spent on each objective and the objectives mastered. All math students will take a diagnostic assessment in the first week of school to help teachers determine if students maintained the skills necessary to be successful in math. Your results from the Summer ALEKS Math Program will be used to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and assist your teacher in helping you grow mathematically throughout the year.

Middle School (5th-8th)

We recommend students complete 600 minutes (10 hours) of math in their grade level or higher. Students who struggle may benefit from completing 120 minutes of work in the grade level below their current grade.

Option I: Work in IXL at grade level. There is no need to go beyond unless your student is self-motivated to do so. Practice regularly so that work is spread out evenly over the summer. We advise weekly practice. (NOTE: User names and passwords are the same as they were the previous year.)

Option II: Utilize Summer Bridge Activities workbooks (available online and at Barnes and Noble Booksellers). Complete each of two sections of daily math activities, totaling “40 days” as it is divided out in the book, and bring the book to the math teacher when school resumes. Student need to be sure they are using the correct book for their grade level. For example, last year’s 6th graders would choose the “Bridging 6th to 7th Grade” book.

Lower School (K3-4th)

All students have an IXL account that will remain active throughout the summer. All minutes worked will be tracked between Friday, May 19, and Wednesday, August 16. Please understand that minutes are not tracked if a child goes to the open IXL site without logging in. The correct site to use is

Students are challenged to complete a specified number of minutes this summer, based on grade level, to be eligible for a popsicle party in August:

  • Current preschool & kindergarten students: Complete at least 200 minutes
  • Current 1st-3rd graders: Complete at least 400 minutes

*To be eligible for calculating completed minutes, work must be done in the grade level just finished or higher. Work in a previous grade level is fine to do for review, but it will not count in the minutes accumulated. For example, a student who just finished first grade must do work at a first grade level or higher. If they go back to any kinder/pre-K work, those minutes would not count.

*For minutes to count, the student must be logged in to his/her school account. This is the only way minutes are logged and reported to the appropriate teacher. Usernames and passwords are the same as they were during this school year.

Summer Vocabulary 2017

Middle School (5th-8th)

We recommend middle school students access throughout the summer to complete vocabulary challenges and work on mastering a few new words. Students new to Westbury Christian School can easily set up their own account (note this may require an email address, but it can be a parent’s address). Students can create their own word lists or use the ones listed below, by grade level the student will enter in 2017-2018.

·        Entering 5th Grade –

·        Entering 6th Grade –

·        Entering 7th Grade –

·        Entering 8th Grade –

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